Worship Experience

Word-A-Live's W.E. Team (Worship Experience) includes all of the visible arts that occur to enhance the ministry to the congregation and the community.  Directors George & Lillie Parker are overseers for the PRAISE Team (including musicians and singers), the TECH Team (including sound, multimedia and Video departments), and the FLAG & DANCE (Pageantry) Team.

Men's and Women's Ministries

“Where there is no vision, (clear understanding or “revelation”) the people perish.  But he that keeps the law is happy.”
Currently our men meet once a month for breakfast and our ladies have a monthly mentoring time with Pastor Sandra.

Flag and Dance Team

WAL's powerful Flag & Dance Team helps to enhance the worship experience that takes place both in our church, and in our community!  Following the biblical mandate to "raise up the banner of praise", this team works not only in sanctuary worship time, but also in preparing special presentations for conferences and events that express the many facets of the heart of God.

KinGdom Kids Ministry

You can trust your children in the hands of our Kingdom Kids Ministry!  They specialize in getting the biblical truths into the children's hearts in a way that is understandable and relevant.  Kingdom Kids meet every time a church service is happening!

Jail Ministries Team

One of the oldest and most valued ministries at WAL, the Jail Ministry is a fantastic way to fulfill the Word of the Lord:  "When I was hungry, you fed me; naked, you clothed me...and when I was in prison you visited me...".  There are years worth of great testimonies about how this ministry has touched individuals and changed their lives forever...right from the prison cell!

A.I.M. Team

Our "main artery" of evangelism and discipleship offered at WAL.  This team trains diligently and then goes out to minister to our community.  The two arms of AIM (Ambassadors in Ministry) are Visitation and Home Bible Study.  One team will go out and visit guests who have come to our church, or families needing ministry, while the other team goes to family homes and gives a basic multi-session Bible study on what we believe and why we believe it.  This is a wonderful ministry to participate in; it truly is a "Spirit-led" experience!

Helping Hands Street Ministry

HHSM is a necessary and vital ministry to our area.  We reach out to the homeless and those in need providing food, clothing, directions and information on shelter and other ways to be safe. Our mission is to save lost souls by showing them the truth of Matthew 25:35: "For I was hungry and you gave me food; I was thirsty and you gave me drink; I was a stranger and you took me in."

Learn more:

Reach us at wordalive2@juno.com or 530 432 9155

frontline training center was the first ministry opened after the pastors formed word-a-live church!

FTC is a core member of Christian International Ministries Network  (C.I.M.N.) and functions both as an extension training location for Christian International, as well as a local ministry training center.

FTC is not accredited nor does it offer degrees or certificates, thus it does not have a definable point of completion. Rather, students will take courses in order to become equipped in specific arenas of personal and spiritual ministry and growth.

A number of classes taught at FTC can be used toward accreditation with CI Schools, and as such students with this purpose can study through FTC with the understanding that there will be a per unit cost payable to Christian International.

Frontline Training Center is directed by Apostles Mike & Sandra Chipchase, with five-fold ministry experience since 1992 !!

FTC Methodology

Interactive Discussion
Classes at FTC will always be small enough for active discussion on each topic.

FTC will select instructors primarily for their understanding of the Father's Heart in each topic.  The instructors will impart the truths they have gleaned from the Father's Heart and the Holy Spirit's training personally experienced in their own lives.

FTC classes follow the mentoring principle in that it begins with training, then allows the trainee opportunity to practice what was learned in a safe environment.

Experience and Advanced Training
Truths learned are to be applied in the culture we live.  Prospective students must demonstrate effective implementation of principles already learned prior to registering for advanced levels of training.  Our objective is to produce transformation in the students, not to produce someone who is a learned analyst.

Youth of Word a live


Relevant, Impacting, and fun!  Our radical RISE YOUTH are taking the streets, their city and their region for Jesus!  To find out more about what is happening with our youth department