Inside-Out Victory

A New Life Through Transformation.

Enjoy this exciting and life-changing transformation testimony and Bible teaching of Pastor Sandra Chipchase and how she has lived an overcoming life of victory, became free from cancer, and received fresh hope to fulfill her calling with "Inside-Out Victory!" ​​This is your season to be changed and your whole life rearranged! What you BELIEVE is how you live your life here on earth and into eternity. Experience "Inside-Out Victory" and receive the keys to fulfill your dreams and purpose in life.  ​​By applying the Bible principles that Pastor Sandra shares in "Inside-out Victory," you can turn your entire life, family and ministry inside-out for the better!

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With A Flaming Sword

How God fights for marriage

​​They met in a chance encounter, became best friends and eventually fell deeply in love only to find that evil "creatures" of jealousy, prejudice, personal demons, bigotry and religious mindsets were deviously scheming to destroy what God had intended to be a beautiful, joyous marriage. Would their young and tender relationship survive the whirlwind of evil assaults, targeting them for destruction?

​​In this fast-paced autobiographical novel you will thrill to the roller coaster ride of watching God work to protect from the side wings, the inside, and the outside in! You will find answers to hard questions such as: • "How do I KNOW this is the right person for me?" • "Is God REALLY an active participant in my daily life?" • "Does God really CARE about me personally?" Relationships can be tricky at best, but if they are placed in God's hands from the start, and they are part of His Plan and Purpose, you can guarantee He will be heavily involved in making sure everything works according to plan - even if He has to send an angel 'With A Flaming Sword' to accomplish it!

​​"This story is better than reading a Shakespeare play. The authors have woven together stories of love, tragedy and revenge. The twist is that God and faith serve as the avengers. This book is more powerful than others because it is real, not fiction." Tosca Walker -  Editor

Pastors George & Lillie Parker are gifted international ministers, worship leaders, singers, songwriters, composers and musicians, with three professionally produced original music albums as LionSong Ministries, as well as speakers for revivals, retreats, leadership conferences and conventions. They have regularly appeared on radio and television throughout the United States and currently serve, since 2004, as Associate Pastors at Word-A-Live Family Church in Penn Valley, California.  They also have assisted in pioneering 4 churches, led men, women and marriage ministries throughout their many years of Christian service. A wealth of knowledge awaits you inside this book!


First-Class Wo-MAn

Arise, Mighty Women! Come A-Live!

Sandra L. Chipchase shares her testimony with Bible teachings how she became a woman of power. Her testimony inspires women how to fulfill their purpose and destiny and not back down when facing giants or fear in this hour!  It will greatly inspire you how to take your place in Christ, as a mighty a WO-Man of power. "First-Class Wo-man" will help you to receive fresh hope, faith, and encouragement to rise above the challenges of life and be the WO-Man that God has called you to be.

​​Become a "First-Class Wo-man" and fulfill your destiny!

Many are stuck in their adversities and do not know how to rise into victory and fulfill their purpose and destiny in life. For years, Sandra has encouraged women how to rise out of the slavery of hurt, failure, and fears and become a bold, fearless, successful and mighty WO-Man of God!

​Read this exciting, dynamic, inspiring, and powerful testimony of Sandra L. Chipchase along with Bible teaching that encourages women to fulfill their destiny!

"First-Class Wo-man" is an encouraging book to know what the Bible has to say about first-class women in ministry, and women whom God used in ministry. Also, if you want to know about women of today who were mightily used to shake cities and nations for God, and the misuse of Scripture regarding women in ministry, then you will enjoy this book.

This inspiring book encourages women who are tired of being doormats and second-class women and want to rise up to fulfill their ministry call! As a woman, see yourself as a "First-Class Wo-man" with beauty and abilities that God created you to be. In the Bible, Adam thought of Eve as a "First-Class Wo-man." When he first saw her, I believe that he was actually so amazed and overwhelmed that he was totally lost for words and the only description he could say was, "Whoa!" and in other words, "WO-Man."

If you want to be a "First-Class Wo-man" and you are seeking God wholeheartedly, searching for answers, and want to know how to find your place in the Body of Christ, this book is for you!

The intent of "First-Class Wo-man" is not to cause women to rise up with a feminist attitude, but to rise up to be the WO-Man that God has called them to be. If there is ever a time when women need to boost their confidence in God's ability within them, know who they are in Christ and what He did for them, this is the hour!

When you read "First-Class Wo-man," you will learn how to arise as a mighty WO-Man of God, dream big with God's dreams for your life, see His plan and purpose for you, and be the "First Class Wo-man" God called you to be!!

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