Savannah's Angels
What is Savannah's Angels

This mission began with one family; Savannah’s. Savannah was born with a heart condition and the family was commuting back and forth from the hospital, which created financial hardships. They needed clothes for the baby and wood to heat the home. Within a few days, Cynthia was able to meet the needs of Savannah’s family. Savannah became the inspiration Cynthia needed to start Savannah’s Angels.

This assistance comes in many forms; diapers, formula, clothing, cribs and car seats are just a few of the items Cynthia and her 3 volunteer angels have provided so far. All items are donated, however, the time and gas used to deliver items to families comes out of their own pockets. There are no funding resources so any and all donations are accepted, and appreciated.

“Savannah's Angels was started to help families that needed clothing for their children. If I hear of a family in need, I act immediately and network to find the needed items. I am working under the umbrella of my church, Word-A-Live. I am not a fancy corporation, just a mom that works hard to help any and all families that I can. My mission is to do God's work and help those in need, regardless of reasons around why the families have needs. My goal is that no child should ever do without”.

Savannah’s Angels is currently in need of clothing for children, sizes 0 all the way up to 12/14 in Juniors, diapers of all sizes and baby wipes, blankets and any other baby/children’s items you can spare. You can visit Savannah’s Angels at or Facebook for more information. If you need assistance, or can make any type of donation so we can continue meeting the needs of the children in this community, the donations made through the church are tax deductable. Thank you for making Savannah’s Angels dream come true, to see that “No child ever goes without”.

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