Frontline Training Center
FRONTLINE TRAINING CENTER was the first ministry opened after the Pastors formed Word-A-Live Church!

FTC is a core member of
Christian International Ministries Network  (C.I.M.N.) and functions both as an extension training location for Christian International, as well as a local ministry training center.

FTC is not accredited nor does it offer degrees or certificates, thus it does not have a definable point of completion. Rather, students will take courses in order to become equipped in specific arenas of personal and spiritual ministry and growth.

A number of classes taught at FTC can be used toward accreditation with CI Schools, and as such students with this purpose can study through FTC with the understanding that there will be a per unit cost payable to Christian International.

Frontline Training Center is directed by Apostles Mike & Sandra Chipchase, with five-fold ministry experience since 1992 !!
FTC Classes

These initial classes are for information only and are to give you an idea of what we are offering.  Courses will be added to the following on a regular basis.

Prophets and Personal Prophecy

School of Prayer and Intercession

Apostles and Prophets

Activation of the Gifts

School of Revival

Flags and Banners

...and more!
FTC Methodology

Interactive Discussion
Classes at FTC will always be small enough for active discussion on each topic.

FTC will select instructors primarily for their understanding of the Father's Heart in each topic.  The instructors will impart the truths they have gleaned from the Father's Heart and the Holy Spirit's training personally experienced in their own lives.

FTC classes follow the mentoring principle in that it begins with training, then allows the trainee opportunity to practice what was learned in a safe environment.

Experience and Advanced Training
Truths learned are to be applied in the culture we live.  Prospective students must demonstrate effective implementation of principles already learned prior to registering for advanced levels of training.  Our objective is to produce transformation in the students, not to produce someone who is a learned analyst.